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How to calculate loan with our calculator?

Our loan calculator is very easy to use, here's the steps:

  • Insert how much you want to borrow in "Loan Amount" input.
  • Insert how much is the interest rate in "Interest Rate" input.
  • Choose your loan term in "Years" or "Months", then insert how much time your loan will be completely paid off in "Loan Term" input"
  • Click on "Generate Amortization Table" button to generate an amortized table for your payments, if you want to print the table click on "Print Table" button.

Frequently asked questions

What Is a Loan?

A loan is when a lender (i.e Bank, Friend etc...) is giving money to a borrower (i.e You, student etc...) in exchange for repayment of the loan principal amount plus interest that they are obligated to pay back in the future. A loan may be secured by collateral such as a mortgage or it may be unsecured such as a credit card.

What Are Interest Rates?

Almost every loan includes interest, the interest is the profit that lenders (i.e Banks) make on loans. Interest rate is the proportion of a loan paid by the borrower to the lender. Loan interest is typically expressed in annual percentage rate(APR), which includes both interest and fees.

What Does Loan Term Mean?

A loan term is the length of time it will take for a loan to be completely paid off. the loan term affect the structure of the loan in many ways, the longer the term, the more interest will be accrued over time, and less payments each month.