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How to use our DCA ( Dollar-cost average ) calculator?

Our DCA calculator is very easy and simple to use, here's the steps:

  • Insert in the first field "Initial Share Price" your single share price that you're currently holding.
  • Insert in the second field "Initial Shares Amount" the amount of shares you're currently holding.
  • In the "Current Share Price" field insert the current price of single share that you want to buy.
  • And now in "Current Shares Amount" field insert the amount of shares that you want to buy.
  • Your answers will automatically change when you change the prices and the share amounts.

Frequently asked questions

What DCA Means?

DCA is the shorthand of Dollar-cost averaging, DCA is an investment strategy, almost every investor use this it, DCA'ing basically means to divide your total amount to be invested at regular intervals (daily, monthly, weekly...) to lower your investment cost.

How To Calculate DCA?

DCA is calculated by dividing the total sum invested by the total shares bought, e.g: you bought 100 shares last week at the price of $2 for a single share, when this week the price dropped to $1.5 you bought 100 share, so now you have 200 shares in total and your average buying price is now $1.75. how we calculated them: ($2 * 100shares) + ($1.5 * 100 shares) / 100 shares + 100 shares = $1.75

Where does the price of cryptocurrency come from?

We fetch cryptocurrency prices from CoinGecko's api.