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Calculate your cryptocurrency profit/loss for your crypto holdings

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How to calculate profit or loss using our calculator?

Our profit/loss calculator (PnL calculator) is very easy to use, here's the steps:

  • Insert how much you invested in "Investment Amount" field.
  • Insert how much the coin price was when you invested in "Initial Coin Price" field, or select a coin from the "Select a coin" dropdown to fetch current cryptocurrency price.
  • Insert how much the coin price was when you selled it in "Selling Coin Price" filed
  • And finally insert the investment fee in percent in "Investment Fee"
  • In the cards you will see your investment amount, coin amount based on how much you invested, profit/loss, investment fee and total amount. When the profit/loss number is green means profit, when red it's loss.

Frequently asked questions

Is Profit/Loss Calculator Only For Cryptocurrencies?

No, you can calculate profit or loss for cryptocurrency or stock market etc.

How to calculate Profit/loss?

Let's say you bought 1.23 bitcoin for $30,135. The price of bitcoin is now $47,354. Your profit is: (47,354 * 1.23) - 30,135 = $28,1104, To know your pure profit substract your investment price by 28,1104 will be equal to $8,95565 which is your pure profit.

Where does the prices of cryptocurrencies come from?

We fetch cryptocurrency prices from CoinGecko's api.